By Paula @ Holiday World

Oh! A proposal!

Maybe that new section should have been Valentine’s Day!

… ’cause love was all around yesterday at Holiday World.

Karen, who’s in our Human Resources Department, tells the story:

glass shop proposal

On Thursday evening, July 21, a gentleman named Chris stopped by the Bavarian Glassblowers Shop to observe the artisan at work.

He saw Kathy blowing glass “straws” into the shape of written names; he asked if it would be possible for her to make a “Will You Marry Me?” piece.

Kathy said yes! Chris came back a little later and told the Hostesses in the shop that he was going to propose to his love, Mary, right there.

Chris got down on bended knee and as Mary pulled the beautiful glass sculpture out of the box, he said, “Honey, you know I love you. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

Through tears of excitement, joy, and surprise, she said, “Yes.”

Cheers were cheered!

Tears were teared!

And claps were clapped!

newly engaged coupleLove was the theme in the Glassblowers Shop that evening. And as the newly engaged couple walked out past Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen, we knew our sweet shop would never be the same, because yet another love blossomed here.

We wish the best to Chris and Mary from Centralia, Illinois, as they stroll together in life hand in hand.
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