By Paula @ Holiday World

I guess this shouldn't surprise me.

After all, my parking spot here at work is just a few spaces down from one marked "Santa Claus."

But …

… I just received an email from Holidog.

Complete with pictures!

Here's some of the message:

In celebration of our new themed area, I have decided to embark (pun intended) on my own voyage.

Holidog's Voyage
Through my travels, I hope to tell more people about Holiday World.

Don't worry about me; I'm a Big Dog now and I will be just fine as I explore a new world.

Holidog's Voyage
I'll be sure to write and send you lots of pictures. I'll be back in time for the launch of The Voyage in May.

Holidog's Voyage
Well … I'm off!

Chow, Holidog

Holidog's signature
The email message came to me as a PDF file, so I asked Holidog to please email me the individual jpeg files, as his voyage would certainly be HoliBloggable.

Holidog complied, even though PDF (Puppy Dog Format) is his favorite format.

Don't worry, children of all ages, Holidog won't head out too far until after the season is over. He'll still be up at Holidog's FunTown with lots of hugs and dancing.


Our little Holidog … taking a new leash on life!

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