By Paula @ Holiday World

The delivery arrived this morning, and we’re 80-thousand strong.

Two semi-loads.

Eighty-thousand times three, actually.

semi with coaster-building materials
It wouldn’t all fit in the storage trailer.

When Steve told us about the upcoming delivery in Monday’s staff meeting, I gasped, “Where will we put them all?”

Steve misunderstood and gave me quite a look: “In the coaster structure, of course.”

Good grief. Maybe I need to darken the shade of my hair a tad.

Eventually, the facts came out — we’ll fit all we can in the storage trailer and the rest will be stacked next to it.

containers full of bolts

Closer inspection reveals a bit more information.

screw label


According to Steve, we were to receive the following:

  • 80,000 bolts
  • 80,000 nuts
  • and 80,000 washers

There was no mention of screws.

Maybe that is a bonus barrel. You know–buy 80,000 bolts, get a free barrel of screws.

With the end of the month comes park-wide inventory. I know April is looking forward to counting all that plush in her department.

Wonder who counts the bolts?
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