By Paula @ Holiday World

The other evening, my youngest son and I came back to “work” to enjoy a few hours in the park together.

James had never tried Monsoon Lagoon before; he was beside himself with glee and was literally the last one to leave.

As the water park closed, and we headed back toward Holiday World, I heard an almost familiar noise.

What was it?

So loud.

So distinct.

Could it be?


Remember a year ago, how we were supposed to get clobbered by the 17-year cicadas? I started getting emails from folks back in February who were concerned about planning their vacation around the invasion.

It was alarming, to say the least.

So were the websites I went to, in order to learn more. Talk about ug-ly bugs!

I calmed down, though, when I thought to ask around. Do a bit of research.

Surely I could poll the folks who worked here 17 years ago. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to surmise that if the cicadas weren’t here 17 years ago, they wouldn’t have laid those incredibly-long-gestational eggs?

Happily, there was no memory of cicadas from 1987.

And no cicadas in 2004.

But now … wait …

That loud, harsh, snapping sound.

More and more …

Louder and louder…

Coming from every direction…

Surround-sound cicadas!

noisy flip flops in Splashin' Safari


In my defense, it was less than a split second before I recognized it was the sound of soaking-wet flip-flops making my heart palpitate.

But for that brief nano-second, it was very scary indeed.
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