By Paula @ Holiday World

We received an email from Connie yesterday.

Asking about old brochures.

Santa Claus Land brochures.

Connie’s not a collector, though. Not of brochures, anyway.

It’s just her daughter’s photo was once in a Santa Claus Land brochure. Somehow, over the years, Connie’s copy of that brochure was misplaced.

Connie was a college chum of a member of the Koch family. She was invited to bring her daughter to a pre-season event in the mid-1970s.

Santa Claus Land brochure photoSilly little Kimber Lee put her sunglasses on upside-down and played on a “springy” ride.

Now the next generation is interested in seeing this brochure baby photo, so Connie emailed from Texas asking if we could dig up the picture for her granddaughter.

And here it is, from our 1978 Santa Claus Land brochure:

Now we have three happy generations grinning over this photo.

And maybe a few honorary cousins.
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