By Paula @ Holiday World

Here’s a wonderful note we received:

Well, it took more than 30 years, but I finally made it … to Santa Claus Land!

When I was a little girl growing up here in Cincinnati, I remember seeing commercials or something for Santa Claus Land in Indiana.

I wanted to go there so bad

After all, it appeared to combine my two favorite things-amusement parks and Christmas.

Well, as things sometimes go in life, we never made it there, and I had long forgotten about your park.

Santa Claus Land logoThen, a few years back, I picked up one of your Holiday World brochures at an Indiana rest stop on my way home from visiting the in-laws.

It suddenly dawned on me that this was the Santa Claus Land I had once dreamed of visiting.

Since then I have seen your park countless times on The Travel Channel, and through the internet, have read nothing but praise for your park from theme park and coaster enthusiasts.

I made up my mind that this summer I was finally going to Santa Claus Land. And we finally made it!

Well, at 6 am yesterday morning, I left Cincinnati with my 79-year-old mother and seven-year-old daughter in tow. We were at your park when it opened, and, had we not had the three-hour drive home, would have surely closed the place down. The 8+ hours we spent there were awesome.

Everything I have read and heard was 100% true.

The park was immaculate, the staff polite and competent, the themed areas were actually that: THEMED. And the rides and attractions were great fun. And, oh yeah, the soft drinks and parking were free!! (Even on the drive home, my mother was still marveling at the fact you do that all the time; that it wasn’t just something special.)

While it may have taken me 30 years to get there, I can assure you it won’t be another 30 before we return. My daughter and I (and maybe even mom) are planning a longer visit next summer to give “thanks” to the Koch family and Santa for an awesome park!

Shari S.
Mason, Ohio
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