By Paula @ Holiday World

You never forget your child’s first job. Or his first day of work. (Right, John?)

Especially when he works where you work.

When my John filled out his Holiday World job application, there was a place to list past employment.

The instructions even encouraged writing down such career accelerators as mowing lawns and babysitting.

So John listed his other job: Werne Dairy Farm.

Truth be told, John’s been a tremendous help to his dad this summer. And his position at this job? Assistant Manager.

Me: John!

John: Well, Dad’s the Manager. It’s just the two of us, so I’m the Assistant Manager.

The next line asked for Reason For Leaving. John quickly scribbled: I didn’t want to smell like Cow Poo anymore.

So when he decided to apply for a position in Games, it seemed like a good fit. John’s never met a stranger and he’s good with children.

Sunday was Orientation. So Sunday evening was a home-schooled pop quiz.

Me: So John, where are the ATM machines? The pay phones? What number do you call in an emergency?

John: Leave me alone.

Me: I can give you demerits, you know.

My son: Go away.

Me: So what did you learn today?

John: We learned The Four Cobblestones.

Me: Cobblestones?

John: Sure…The Four Cobblestones: Safety, Service, Cleanliness, Friendliness.

Me: Cornerstones, dear.

Middle son: Whatever.

Me: Hey!

John: Cornerstones, cobblestones … same thing.

Me: Not really … the four cornerstones hold up a building; they’re part of the foundation.

John: Yes, but cobblestones all fit together to create a path. They create the path to righteousness.

(Maybe I should see if we have an opening in PR … all that shoveling manure rubbed off on him in more ways than one!)

John in GamesAt this very moment, John is working his second shift down in Merlin’s Castle. If you happen to stop by Merlin’s and see my middle child, be sure to ask him to recite The Four Cobblestones. And be sure to tell him — he’s been HoliBlogged! 
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