By Paula @ Holiday World

Happy birthday! It was 59 years ago today that Louis J. Koch opened the world’s first theme park, Santa Claus Land.

Fifty-nine years later, LJK’s grandson Will keeps up the family tradition along with his mom and two of his daughters. Plus, there are hundreds of us who feel as if we’re part of the family.

Often, August 3 is such a busy day that we don’t take a moment to celebrate. (Where’s the cake?)

Happy Birthday to us!

Here’s the one ride that’s been here all these years:

A while back, we received a lovely email from a gentleman who wanted to tell us how he remembered riding The Freedom Train with his grandfather many years ago. And the day before he sent us that email, he’d ridden that little train with his granddaughter.

It may be 95 degrees outside, but that thought always gives me a happy chill.
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