By Paula @ Holiday World

You may have noticed that Will loves a tunnel.

Frightful Falls has one. So does Raging Rapids.

The Raven has one. And The Legend has four.

There’s something about a tunnel that adds to the ride experience. Not just going from light to dark and then back out in the sunshine.

It’s the sound

That roar. That rumble.

The Voyage will have all kinds of tunnels.

Hard to count, actually.

Several are “double-wides” so you’ll speed through them a-comin’ and a-goin’.

It’s no surprise that we’ve received several emails asking for more details about the tunnels planned for The Voyage.

Once again, our buddy Chad at The Gravity Group comes up with the numbers:

Here are some numbers on each Voyage tunnel. The first number is the total enclosed length (some of which may be above grade). The number in parentheses is the portion of the tunnel that resides underground.

#1 1st pass: 150′ (95′)
#2 1st pass: 108′ (53′)
#3 1st pass: 108′ (53′)
#3 2nd pass: 108′ (53′)
#2 and #1 (combined) 2nd pass: 335′ (148′)
#4: 82′ (49′)
#5: 87′ (60′)

Total: 978′ (511′)

All of these numbers are subject to change (especially #4 and #5).
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