By Paula @ Holiday World

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: I really don’t try to listen in to other people’s conversations. Especially when I’m at work, but not working. (You know what I mean!) Some things are just meant to be overheard. 

Youngest son James and I were in line yesterday, waiting to take a spin in one of the Lewis & Clark cars. (I love yelling, “You’re a maniac!” while he’s driving. He howls with laughter. And I comfort myself in the knowledge that we have more than a decade to improve his skills.)

While in the queue, a gentleman was regaling his party with his story:

Well, I just told my boss, “It’s Holiday World and my family that come first with me!”

When a friend asked him how his boss reacted to that declaration, I must admit I did have to lean in to hear the rest.

He told me it was okay just this once. But next time I call in sick, I’d better really be sick!
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