By Paula @ Holiday World

Rachel donned her hard hat and headed down to The Voyage’s construction site this morning.

Here’s what she found:


Those are ledgers.

And what’s a ledger?

According to Chad at The Gravity Group: A ledger is the wood cross-beam at the top of each bent that supports the track. The ledger is installed at the appropriate bank angle for the track at that particular part of the ride.

And those ledgers are in place from Bent #814 to Bent #849.

(You do remember what a bent is, don’t you?)

Here’s another angle:

More explanation from Chad: There are 1062 ledgers on this ride. Sometimes there is just one ledger per bent. Other times there are two ledgers per bent. As it stands right now, there are going to be 907 bents.

As you may have figured out from the bent numbers, these photos are of the end of the ride, as the train is approaching its return to the coaster station.

I must admit… looking at the angle of the ledgers, I got a bit dizzy.

Of course there are still plenty of footers to pour and bents to go up.

The building in the background of the following photo is Employee Services, which is located to the south of our Employee Parking Lot.

According to Chad: It’s difficult to quantify the number of footers because, while some footers provide foundation for a single post, another footer may serve 4 or 5 or more posts. The better question might be how many anchor straps (or points where a post meets a footer). Our most recent estimate indicates that there may be as many as 2,400 anchor straps.

As The Voyage progresses, we’ll bring you more photos, facts and musings.

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait for May, go take another ride.

And in case you’re wondering, Rachel did not spend the rest of the day suffering from hard-hat-hair; her copper locks flipped right back into place.

You see, miracles do happen.

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