By Paula @ Holiday World

A kind note from a family who visited recently and wish to praise our employees as the nicest:

We visited your park on August 10 and 11; this was a great place to go.

We really loved the free pop and sunscreen and the reasonably priced food and lockers. Also the free parking.

What a top of the line park

You have the nicest workers. We were riding the Otorongo in the water park. My son, who is autistic, lost his purple toy out of his pocket.

Now it’s just a 50-cent toy, but to an autistic child, this toy was the world to him.

You have two young ladies who went out of their way to make sure they found it at the bottom of the pool. Their names are Allison and Andrea. They should be commended for doing this.

It’s hard to find good employees like this.

Thank you very much to these two young ladies. Also for the wonderful vacation.

Six Flags needs to take lessons from your park because they sure don’t compare to your park.

We will be back.

The K. Family
LaPorte, Indiana
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