By Paula @ Holiday World

… on Saturday!

A crew from the Travel Channel will be here at the park with yours truly, shooting interviews and park footage all the live-long day.

Will you be here on Saturday?

And it’s always been your dream to appear on national television?

… if only for a fleeting moment?

This may be your chance

Your one moment in time.

Just in case, let’s take a moment to review some helpful tips:

1. The wild-eyed wave into the camera lens, accompanied by, “Hi, Mom!” at the top of your lungs is appreciated by exactly one person. And she’s not producing the show.

2. Continuing on the theme from #1, don’t ever look directly into the camera lens unless you’re specifically told to do so by the TV crew. It looks weird. And you’ll end up on the cutting-room floor.

3. Saluting with any number of fingers is not appreciated. Nor are bunny ears behind the person being interviewed (especially when it’s my boss).

4. Usually, the people who vigorously demand to be interviewed (“Talk to me! I wanna be on TV! Awww, come on!”) aren’t chosen. It’s an incredible coincidence.

5. If you are asked to be interviewed (and you’re interested in doing it), just take a deep breath, look at the person who is asking the questions, and talk normally. Remember, this is not live TV, so if you need to think a bit or want to start over, that’s fine.

6. Don’t forget to give the microphone back. Especially if you’re heading to the restroom next.

Ready for more?

7. Don’t worry about spinach in your teeth or that smear of ketchup on your cheek. I’ll let you know before the camera starts recording. (I hope you don’t mind me asking, but exactly how old is that spinach? We don’t serve spinach at any of our restaurants.)

8. If they ask you to walk and talk at the same time, don’t freak out. You can do it. Just think of all the empty-headed stars who’ve done it with Baba Wawa over the years. Piece of cake. Just don’t cry, okay?

9. Don’t bother asking for a free Shrek doll. However, you can probably talk me out of a complimentary soft drink. And I’ll validate your parking.

10. I don’t know what the show will be called or when it will air. 

Okay, I know a little more. But not much.
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