By Paula @ Holiday World

A dollar for your thoughts: Want to make Dee Ann blush?

Pay for your party’s admission in cash.

And use all $1 bills

This is Dee Ann’s second year as Director of Admissions, and she is never short of a good story.

A few weeks ago, during our weekly directors’ meeting, she mentioned the stack of “ones” she had to count one morning over the weekend. In telling us, her face was already taking on a pink glow.

“…there were three young men at my window; they purchased three one-day admission tickets together and handed me a pile of dollar bills. I counted them, and then they handed over another stack. And then another. Trying to make friendly conversation, I asked without thinking, ‘Oh, my … where did you get all of these?'”

Without missing a beat, Bobby Beefcake replied, “We’re exotic dancers.” Bobby and his buddies, Alan Absamighty and Steven Sikzpak, burst out laughing.

Dee Ann, concentrating mightily, continued counting those bills. At the completion of the transaction, she looked back up and told them with a smile, “Well I must say … this is a first!” Dee Ann may never have to buy blush again; those three pranksters have had a lasting effect!
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