By Paula @ Holiday World

Lynn is a grandma who visited the park recently and plans to come back again soon. She and I have exchanged emails several times over the past week.

Apparently we’re now close enough buddies that she felt comfortable sharing this proud family story:

I have a teen grandson, Logan. When he was around four, we took him to the park and bought him one of those blue ice creams. He really got into that thing! Had a blue face all day long. Ha!

But the next day, I was at his house watching him, and he went into the bathroom and was in there for a little bit, and came out of there screaming and crying in a panic that his “poop” was blue! The kiddo thought something was wrong with him! Ha ha ha! I like to died laughing! Ha ha!

Every time we talk Holiday World, I kid him about the “blue poop” and the panic he went into!

Umm … don’t worry, Logan, if Grandma Lynn emails me any baby pictures of you in the tub or on one of those bear rugs, I’ll send the files back unopened.

There are some lines we just won’t cross.

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2 Responses to “Maybe we need a warning sign?”

  1. Becky

    One summer my husband and I were visiting Splashin Safari, and I embarrased my husband. We still tease each other about it. In my defense, I had been working at a summer day camp that took frequent trips to the pool and other places all summer with elementary age children. While in the waterpark, I had to use the restroom. My husband waited patiently for me. As we were getting ready to leave the restroom area, I asked him if he was sure he didn’t want to use the restroom. He said, “No.” I continued, apparently not in a quiet voice, “Are you sure you don’t want to try while we are right here by the bathrooms?” He let me know that he was a grown man and didn’t need to be told when to use the restroom. I guess I slipped back into summer camp mode just long enough to publicly embarrass him. Occaisonally when we are out places I will ask him the same thing just for fun. :)