By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s back-to-school time. And the kiddos aren’t the only ones taking tests.

Will, Mrs. Koch, and our staff of Directors are taking tests this week, too. The online “assessments” are meant to tell us about our strengths and weaknesses (or, rather, opportunities for growth).

I plowed through all the questionnaires (the first one has 435 questions!) on the first day. (No doubt, that tells the analyst something about me before he or she even looks at my responses.)

Mrs. Koch has been out of town, but she’s back now and is determined to complete hers today. Meanwhile, a professional photographer drove down this morning from Bloomington. Mrs. Koch is slated to be the cover girl for a really nice regional home and lifestyle magazine. She and her home will be featured in their December issue. The giant black Christmas tree is already in place. Other decorations stay up year-round. Lots and lots of Santas.

In between shot set-ups, we were laughing about some of the “true or false” statements on the first questionnaire.

True or false?

Everything tastes the same.

I prefer showers to baths.

I enjoy listening to the symphony on the radio.

Must admit, I half-expected to be asked: Boxers or briefs?

Mrs. Koch says the last time she took such a test was back in the 1950s.

When she was a Catholic nun.

Pat KochIt seems the Sisters all took the Rorschach test. (That’s the ink-blot test.)

It wasn’t long before Mrs. Koch had us howling:

They called me in after I took the test.

Very concerned.

Sister told me, “Nuns shouldn’t think that way!”

What was I supposed to see in those ink blots? Angels?

I saw body parts. I probably said “pelvis” and that was all it took.

Good grief! I was a nurse and studied anatomy. What was the big deal? They never did tell me exactly what concerned them about my answers. (Sigh!) Maybe I’ll do better on these tests …

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