By Paula @ Holiday World

Months ago, when The Gravity Group was creating the virtual ride for The Voyage, they asked us about the coaster car colors.

We weren’t quite ready to make that decision yet. It’s not just a matter of “what’s your favorite color?” There was a bit of research to be done and opinions to be gathered.

That has now been accomplished.

We’ve determined the color for The Voyage’s three trains:

Voyage car design

Do you like our coaster car colors?

The trains will have seven cars each (The Raven and The Legend have six-car trains).

Each coaster car will seat four riders.

Here’s a side view of one of the cars: 

Voyage car design

If you check out our webcam, you’ll see a portion of the structure is tall enough to stick up above the trees.

What must the squirrels be thinking?
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