By Paula @ Holiday World

Everyone knows what a roller coaster is.

But not everyone is all that sure about the term “dark ride.”

Here’s a primer:

  • It’s in the dark
  • You ride in a multi-passenger car
  • It’s indoors
  • You will ride in air-conditioned comfort

If you’re not already sold, how about this: as you move from room to room, you’ll follow a story and see lots of fun settings.

All of this themed, of course.

And ours will be in the Thanksgiving section.

There’s an added component: it’s interactive.

So while you’re riding through the dark, cool scenes, you’ll compete with others in your car.

And what will the competition be all about?

We turned to the top “dark ride” company for ideas, and they put on their thinking caps.

It turns out those hats included a few turkey feathers.

Here’s what those bird brains at Sally Corporation came up with:

Gobbler Getaway plans

We’re not going to give away too many details ahead of time, of course.

But before anyone starts getting worked up about the type of, um … instrument that will be used to, er … capture the fowl critters, take a gander:

Gobbler Getaway plans

A Turkey Caller!

Families will search for turkeys throughout Gobbler Getaway and individuals will gather up the largest flock possible.

Remember, the goal is to “Save Thanksgiving.”

I wish I could remember all the different ideas the Sally crew came up with before the Turkey Call was triumphantly plucked from thin air. I do recall that Jim wanted everyone to use turkey basters; Drew is probably still making fun of that idea. (Quite jovial fellows, they are. One never hesitates to roast the other when an idea doesn’t take flight.)

Here’s another look at the Turkey Caller device:

Gobbler Getaway plans

That’s all the “dark ride” information for now. 

Will asked me the other day if I thought we could come up with enough HoliBlog ideas for the off-season.

Somehow, I think we’ll do just fine.
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