By Paula @ Holiday World

An email like this always gives us pause.

To know that a young fellow has been wanting to visit us for a decade (do the math — this has been going on since he was five, and probably not nearly tall enough to ride The Raven) is rather amazing. Especially when you realize the kid’s from Florida!

Emails like this remind us that each family has a story. And that each family deserves the very best visit we can provide. Because for some, the journey has been long in miles and time.

Anyway, Michael T. is from Fort Myers; he said it was okay to HoliBlog him.

My name is Mike and I live in Fort Myers, Florida. Yes, I am a huge coaster enthusiast and I plan on installing your coasters in the future. Although I have never been to your park, I just wanted to comment on something.

It has been a tradition in my family to take a trip to Cedar Point every year since before I was born (June 11, 1990). And every year we pack up the cars and head to the park with all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents (who are from the Detroit area). I will admit that Cedar Point never gets old, and there is a reason why it was voted the best park in the world by Amusement Today. But after this year, my preferences have switched a little.

You see, I have been wanting to come to your park ever since the introduction of The Raven, but I haven’t been able to make it yet. I consistently nag my folks about how your park has a charm like no other, and all I get in return is, “But Cedar Point has big roller coasters and Holiday World only has two.”

But you see that has now changed with you addition of The Voyage. I have been hyping your park for YEARS and I think it will all pay off in 2006. I tell my family about how your park offers free parking, suntan lotion, and Pepsi products (or is it Coke?) and they are amazed. And quite frankly, I am too. They now adore the fact that your park is run by a family and is so generous and welcome to its guests.

Every time I talk to them, I always mention Holiday World, and I get them wanting to visit more and more. Your array of World class wooden roller coasters is just the icing on the cake too! Because I am a coaster enthusiast, I have ridden many rollers coasters, more wooden than steel. My all time favorite is Shivering Timbers (which is an airtime monster) and has been ever since it opened in 1998. My father knew the Jourdans (the owners of the park at the time) and I got to tell them what a fantastic creation the ride was. I love that ride and am a Hard Core, Die Hard fan of it. But that might change with the addition of the Voyage. Ever since the announcement on July 13th 2005, I have been gushing over it. With the most airtime in the world, this thing is almost guaranteed to be a fantastic coaster.

My #1 wooden coaster spot might change come the summer of 2006. It really shows that Holiday World knows how to put together a great coaster. From the Shivering Timbers inspired hills, to the 90 degree banking, to the most tunnels in the world, you guys have done it again. I am truly excited as can be to visit your park in 2006. I’m sure it will be the time of my life, and of my family’s too!

Your park is a work of art and is like nothing else on the planet. I love the fact that Holiday World is so “low key” and not industrial like Cedar Point or Disney World. And even though I have never been to your park, from all of the reviews that I have heard, Holiday World should be considered the best park in the world. If I had a choice as of right now, where I would want to spend my vacation, I would definitely pick your park. Holiday World’s slogan should be billed “The Amazement Park.”

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