A crew from the National Geographic Channel will visit Holiday World on Friday to film construction of The Voyage wooden roller coaster.

The day-long shoot will include a series of interviews about the design and construction of the park’s record-breaking coaster, due to open in May of 2006.

The two-hour documentary, Coasters: Riding Into the Extreme, will take a look at the science behind roller coasters. The show will examine the evolution of coaster design, materials used in construction, and the physics behind what makes coasters so fun to ride.

Shot in high-definition format by a four-member crew, Coasters: Riding Into the Extreme will delve into the sensation of “air-time” or weightlessness experienced on some coasters. The Voyage will hold the record for the most “air-time” of any wooden coaster, at 24.2 seconds.

The documentary will air in the spring or summer of 2006; an air date has not yet been announced.

For more information, log on to www.holidayworld.com or call 1-877-Go-Family.

Released: 20 September, 2005
Media contact: Paula Werne, fun@holidayworld.com; 812-937-5209