By Paula @ Holiday World

You remember 90-degree angles from math class, right?

Straight up.


When you bank a curve at 90 degrees, it takes on an interesting look.

And a little voice in your head whines, “How will the train stay on the track?”

Then a smarter, more logical voice reminds you of the laws of physics.

But it still looks … well, scary.

Rachel and I took a nice walk this warm afternoon.

We’re hosting a crew from the National Geographic Channel on Friday, so we wanted to be sure we were familiar with the latest construction efforts.

We rounded a corner.

Is that it?

No, that’s not 90 degrees.

It looks close though, doesn’t it?

Close enough for me …

Voyage construction


But, no.

The banked curve was fine for a photo.

But that banking wasn’t fully vertical.

Not nearly.

Maybe we’ll find it if we keep walking.

As we rounded a curve in the road, just a few yards ahead, I must admit I screamed.

It was so startling to see track completely on its side.

On purpose.

Voyage construction

And that’s one of two curves banked that way on The Voyage.

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