By Paula @ Holiday World

We promised yesterday to post more Voyage construction photos, so I’d better get to it.

This photo is the beginning of the final tunnel.

It’s actually back on the other side of the station. That’s the beginning of the station there on the left.

Voyage construction

And here’s a look at the first drop

The angle of descent is 66 degrees, which is the steepest on any wooden coaster in the U.S.

Can you imagine what it will look like when you’re sitting in the very front seat?

(Just don’t ride there with me–unless you first stuff your ears with cotton balls.)

Voyage construction

Now let’s walk over to the other side of the lift hill.

The height of the structure in this photo is approximately 100 feet.

So what we’re seeing is just over half-way up. Only 63 feet more to go!

Voyage construction

We took this photo from up the hill, back in the 4th of July section.

The water in the foreground is the pool at the end of Raging Rapids.

Voyage construction

Although The Voyage has a steel structure, it’s definitely a wooden coaster.

Take a look at all the layers of wood on the track

Look all the way up at the top of the picture and you can see the many layers.

Voyage construction

The people who put those layers of wooden coaster track down so precisely are called, oddly enough, trackers.

In this industry, tracking is considered to be an art form; there aren’t all that many trackers out there.

That’s Luis on the right. He’s our tracker for The Voyage.

He gets to be interviewed by the National Geographic Channel tomorrow morning.

And he’s really looking forward to it. (Not!)

Voyage construction

We’ll be sure to take more Voyage construction photos soon.
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