By Paula @ Holiday World

… Dramamine?

Take a look at this track!

Voyage track

When riding this part of The Voyage, you’re heading toward the photographer. Look in the upper right, in the background of the photo. That’s one of the 90-degree banked curves. Now, mentally continue on the track.

See what happens?

You’re banking the other way.

(And we’re not talking drive-through versus online.)

All part of the theming, I guess.

Can’t imagine there weren’t a few seasick pilgrims aboard the Mayflower all those years ago.

Here’s another look at the 90-degree banked curve; from this view, the train will be moving away from the photographer.

Voyage track

If you’ve checked out our webcam recently, you’ve seen the lift hill is filling out and up quite nicely.

Should be topping out the hill with the highest pieces of structure later this week.

We’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice, so you and your boss can watch on the webcam.
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