By Paula @ Holiday World

The Very Big Crane arrived yesterday afternoon.

While driving to work around 7:30 this morning, I must say that crane was an amazing sight to see. In fact, the VBC is so tall, the top part disappeared into the fog.

Here’s a mid-morning screen grab from our webcam:

Very Big CraneThat’s the Very Big Crane to the left of the structure.

We don’t have the “topping” scheduled yet but should know within a few days.

Meanwhile, tunnels are being dug and footers are being poured. It’s amazing to see the progress from one week to the next.

And it’s time for the Very Big Crane to take the spotlight.

We took more photos yesterday from around the park and will post them soon. It’s remarkable to see how much gets done in just a few days once the park closes for the season.

When people ask me, “Oh, so is this your slow time? Are you off till the spring?” I nearly choke!
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