By Paula @ Holiday World

Driving south on Highway 162 will never look the same.

Holiday World skyline

The VBC (Very Big Crane) will get quite a workout today.

We know the height of the crane now. Steve left me a highly informational voicemail message:

Hey, Paula! The crane has a 170-foot boom. And a 30-foot jib. Although you probably don’t know what that is …

I could hear delighted male laughter in the background.

Hmmmm. Glad to add a bit of joy to your day, fellas …

For the record:

Why in the world would I know what a “jib” is? Heck, I didn’t even know how to spell it! I guessed correctly, though. Here’s what had to say:

  1. Nautical. A triangular sail stretching from the foretopmast head to the jib boom and in small craft to the bowsprit or the bow
  2. The arm of a mechanical crane
  3. The boom of a derrick

What say we just stick with VBC?

View of Voyage structure from highwayThis photo was also taken from Highway 162.

The shoulder, actually.

And just a bit closer to the construction site.

Sorry that it’s a bit shaky

My hands must have trembled with anticipation of riding The Voyage next spring.

Or perhaps it’s the intense fear that shoots like adrenaline through my veins when I squint heavenwards to see the top.

One or the other, I guess.

Someone who is looking forward to Open Day next year with nothing but glee is a coaster enthusiast named Matt. He’s been a pal since the days of Raven construction more than a decade ago.

He included me as a “cc” in an email he sent recently to a TV producer. Matt wrote rather poetically about his anticipation:

Crane at VoyageThis ride without a doubt will contend as one of the greatest rides ever designed in the history of coasters.

I know this because of the attention to detail and commitment to perfection that Will and the Gravity Group are pursuing.

Each inch of this ride is being scrutinized to deliver the ultimate wooden coaster experience.

An example of this is the little “hop” on the way into the second 90-degree corner.

This wasn’t in the original design for the ride. It was added in after the layout pictures and video you see on were posted.

Little moments like this are still being added.

Like I said before, every square inch is being scrutinized to deliver the best.

According to Chad at the Gravity Group, there are more surprises throughout the rest of the ride.



Voyage construction

Can you see the two trackers working, right there on the nearly vertical track?

Can you imagine?

Certainly, they appreciate the lovely day, with no wind and 70-degree temps.

Anyone else hoping for a mild winter?

With all that’s been accomplished the past few days, we’ve been able to set a date and time for the “topping” of The Voyage.

That top piece will be set in place by the VBC on Monday morning at 10 am CDT.

For those of you who can’t join us by watching on our webcam, we’ll take plenty of photos and post them here Monday afternoon.

If you want to be a total geek … be sure to wear a hardhat when you tune in on Monday.
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