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Another communique just arrived from Holidog! He continues his voyage and challenges us to bone up on history.

In honor of Columbus Day last week, Holidog decided to sniff out Christopher Columbus’s ships.

Here’s the pup’s report:

Holidog's VoyageJust like The Voyage, Mr. Columbus had a three-train (er…boat) operation.

The Nina was the first ship that I found.

I couldn’t resist looking around.

Do you think this is the original life saver?

Certainly there’s not much of a chance of that; thought I’d float the idea by you anyway.

This would make a great souvenir to bring back for Lori and Jennifer and the crew at Splashin’ Safari.

Holidog's Voyage

The next ship I found was the Santa Maria.

It was named after Christopher Columbus’s two favorite people: Santa and Maria.



Holidog's Voyage

If he would have asked me, I’d have suggested my two absolute favorites: Santa and Purina.

Despite my dogged search, I could only find two of the three boats.

(Apparently the Pinto didn’t do any better as a ship than it did as a car. Woof!)

Holidog's Voyage

Here’s a joke for you: Why did Chris sail boats to the New World?

Because he didn’t have change for the Colum-bus!

Come on … throw me a bone!

No, really throw me a bone!

Holidog's signature
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