By Paula @ Holiday World

Voyage Topping Day Got ‘er done. Our Voyage topping ceremony is complete

We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.

Just about everyone started out wearing jackets, but they didn’t stay on long.

It may even hit 80 degrees today.

Before the topping got started, the three TV crews took some time to interview Will.

Will talked about what a milestone a “topping” is in the construction of a roller coaster.

And he couldn’t resist saying, “I can’t wait till spring!”

The first step was for the steelworkers to get into place, ready to secure that top piece to the existing structure.

Then we heard Steve’s voice on the two-way radio:

“We’re flying!”

Voyage Topping Day

It was pretty wild to watch.

The crane operator swung wide, to get the top piece facing the correct direction.

For a few minutes, it was hard to tell exactly where it would go. But slowly, slowly, it was moved into place.

Voyage Topping DayThe American flag, of course, is the highest.

Then the Holiday World flag and a Splashin’ Safari flag.

Can you see the steelworkers on the main structure?

Perched way up there.

I don’t think a single one of us on the ground didn’t say, “I couldn’t do that. No way. No how.”

We were transfixed.

There wasn’t a loud “click” or anything to alert us that the top piece was in place.

We all clapped and cheered nonetheless.


Here’s an interesting view of the first drop. The train will be coming down the hill at a steep 66-degree angle.

66 degree drop

A few steps to the side, and here it is again:

66 degree drop

And what about that second 90-degree banked curve?

Look through the steel to see it. It’s still there.

Voyage's 2nd 90-degree section

We have another exciting media event coming up soon. (It’s our “slow time,” remember?) 
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