By Paula @ Holiday World


Remember last month, when we spoke mysteriously about a TV crew visiting the park as research for an upcoming show?

It’s a “go.”

Beginning Friday, we will host a four-member TV crew from the Discovery Channel.

From London.


The United Kingdom!

I must admit, I’m an anglophile.

Not to worry, I don’t go so far as to let it affect my spelling (colour, flavour, etc.), nor do I call my car hood a “bonnet.”

But I can name the six wives of Henry VIII. (And how each met her untimely demise.)

And I do enjoy an occasional spot of tea.

Come to think of it, I did say “shed-jule” on the phone to Liz the other day, when discussing the ever-changing itinerary.

Imagine my delight to see the name of their “Sound Recordist” is Alastair.


I must somehow research his name’s pronunciation, so as not to seem gauche.

Is it al-i-STARE?

Or al-uh-STER?

Oh, the stress of this job!

And what about that title? Sound Recordist. Not “audio guy” like here in the States.

Sound Recordist.


I’ve promised myself not to pick up the accent, as much as I love it. Don’t want to come off as an Ugly American.

Or Madonna.

Wouldn’t it be splendid if we popped on over for a look?

Cheerio, blokes!

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