By Paula @ Holiday World

Blame it on lack of sleep.

Our Discovery Channel crew got to their hotel close to midnight last night. We had plans to meet up at 5:30 this morning.

(Note to self: When you know it might rain and that you’ll be wearing a hard hat most of the day, don’t bother getting up a half-hour early to fuss with your hair.)

They’ve shot a bunch of Voyage footage already.

Right now, they’re with Chad and Larry from The Gravity Group, catching their first words and expressions when they see the topped lift hill for the first time.

Liz from Discovery

I tried to sneak a snap of David, the director, and Liz, the associate producer; I have a definite suspicion they saw the camera:

Everyone’s a comedian.

This experience is quite educational.

I’ve learned a lot already.

For example, in England, they have a different phrase for “fanny pack.”

(Apparently, across the pond there’s a quite different meaning for that first word. And it’s not ladylike to even tell me what it is, according to Liz. I figured it out, though.)

So if you make it to the U.K. and use one of those, er … things, be sure to call it a “bum bag.”
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