By Paula @ Holiday World

What a disappointment. Not a single “blimey.”

“Oh no … ” chirped Liz. “They only say ‘blimey’ in Mary Poppins!”

They did, however, greatly add to my laudatory lexicon.

Here are just a few words of British praise:





Ace! Fab!

Our Discovery Channel’s “Building the Biggest Coaster” crew is international.

MLiz and Davideet Liz and David, both British

Liz is this episode’s associate producer. Born and raised in London. Doesn’t drive a car. Eats porridge for breakfast. Cute as a button.

They all signed my hard hat (excuse me … construction hat) while we said good-bye in the parking lot (pardon me … car park).

Here’s what Liz wrote: Darling Paula You have made our filming trip simply sublime. You are indeed brilliant. Liz xx

Then there’s David, the director. David was serious, focused, and fun all at the same time. Polite, too. Didn’t start rearranging a room or office without asking first. And always tidied up afterwards.

When nearly a dozen members of the Koch family gathered for a group interview, David started off with a question for Logan, one of Will’s nephews.

Logan (I believe he’s 11) is never at a loss for words.

Until David’s question.

After a long pause, Logan piped up, “I could not understand a single word you just said!”

David laughed, “Would it help if I spoke more slowly?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Here’s what David wrote on my construction hat: Dear Paula Thanks for being simply splendid. Lots of love, David x

One of my favorite moments from our week with the crew was when we were chatting about Chad from The Gravity Group.

“Would you happen to know,” queried Liz, “is that short for Chaddington or Chadwick?”

It stuck.

Poor Chad will never live that down. He is forever Lord Chadwick.

The crew wanted a shot of Chad walking on the track of the under-construction Voyage. Since Chad’s walk was to be a long one, David communicated by two-way.

Chad’s two-way was hidden inside his jacket. He said it was surreal hearing a British voice coming out of his chest.

Listen to your heart, Chadwick …

Television crew at Voyage

Then there’s Alastair, the Scottish “sound recordist.” He’s the fellow wearing headphones and carrying a big stick (with a big, furry cocoon-shaped gizmo at the far end).

Scotty was my favorite character on the original (and only, as far as I’m concerned) Star Trek series, so Alastair’s brogue was music to my ears.

He was forever looking for whatever might be humming or buzzing in the background.

Meanwhile, the program will air* next April or May in the States.

It’ll debut in Britain in late January. At our directors’ meeting on Monday, I suggested a staff trip to London to attend the premiere.

Will has yet to declare that a splendid idea.

But I’m sure, deep inside, he thinks it’s just brilliant.

*Note added in 2012: Unfortunately, this episode never aired in the States. It was shown all over the world (Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Australia …), but inexplicably, not here. It’s taken six years, but we finally discovered “Building the Biggest Coaster” online. Enjoy!

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