By Paula @ Holiday World

Wow, has our skyline changed!

Take a look:

From the Funnel Cake Factory in the 4th of July section:

Voyage in the distance

And from the west side of the Raging Rapids observation deck. That’s the Bamboo Chute water slide running through the picture.

Voyage in the distance

Here’s a little closer to the water slide. Remember, the Bamboo Chute will be reprofiled for 2006, as the walkway to Thanksgiving will go underneath it.

Voyage in the distance

Down the hill into Splashin’ Safari. Stand to the side of the splash pool for the Bamboo Chute and the AmaZOOM and here’s what you’ll see:

Voyage in the distance

Notice how steep 66 degrees can be. As you ride up the lift hill (starting from the right side of the photo) and crest the hill, you’ll feel like you’re dropping over the edge of the world.

Perhaps that’s how the pilgrims on the Mayflower felt

This is the prettiest, don’t you think?

Voyage in the distance

This is from just outside of Kringle’s Kafe.

It may not feel like autumn (it’s in the 70s again today), but it sure looks like it!
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