By Paula @ Holiday World

Isn’t that always the way?

The firstborn gets all the outrageous baby gifts, savings bonds, monthly framed portraits, and the totally-filled-out baby book.

Number two?

Not even a cupcake.

Second hill topping

No news release. No media gathering.

Not even a flag.


We middle children have to stick together.

We’ll love Hill #2 every bit as much as #1, right?

Even if the older sibling casts a mighty long shadow.

Second hill topping

Now, to give credit where credit’s due … that first drop is, after all, 154 feet.

But Hill #2 provides a drop of 107 feet, just a few feet shy of The Legend’s first drop.

For these photos, I stood to the south-east of the structure, not too far from Holidog’s FunTown.

Second hill topping

So now it’s time to pay attention to Hill #3. And the five tunnels. And a little something extra we’ve recently added to the design.

It’s a great new element, but not something we can discuss just yet.

The best part of it, though, is that The Gravity Group and Will are still scrutinizing the design and making improvements here and there.

So, Happy Hill #2 Crowning Day (uh…actually it was yesterday, but don’t let that out).

Day-old cupcake, anyone?
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