By Paula @ Holiday World

Walking through the park in the off-season is sort of creepy. Skeletal remains of rides are everywhere.

Since we’re closed for the season, there are no happy families, no wondrous smells from the restaurants, no holiday-themed music.

Just a big ol’ empty park.

The fountain and all the pools are empty. The flags have been taken down.

The maintenance staff takes apart just about everything for winter rehab. All that’s left are skeletal remains. 

Skeletal "spider ride"

In the past several days, we’ve received a bunch of emails asking for more construction updates plus additional info about Gobbler Getaway.

Every last one of them included the phrase “… since this is your slow time — just kidding!”


I’d post a photo of my desk, but I wouldn’t want to traumatize the children.

And as we get closer to Thanksgiving, I will provide more information about Gobbler Getaway.

Just a few nibbles, though. We wouldn’t want to over-indulge and spoil your appetite, now, would we?
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