By Paula @ Holiday World

What a lovely fall day.

Much better than yesterday.

Not as chilly. Or as windy. Not even as muddy.

Tom, the editor of Construction Digest magazine, and I took a lovely stroll from one end of The Voyage site to the other.

Here’s something new …

As you start up the lift hill, you may see one of the other two trains heading back to the station.

Right over your head.

Voyage construction

That’s what the enthusiasts call a “head chopper.”

Not to worry; it’s all smoke and mirrors.

No heads will roll


Voyage crossoverHere’s the crossover from another angle.

This is the bottom of the lift hill, crossed over by the beginning-of-the-end of the ride.

Remember, at this point you’ve only been through three of The Voyage‘s five underground tunnels.

The other two are on the other side of the station.

Or so I’m told.

As I told Tom, I don’t have one of those engineer/egghead brains.

When Will drags out some blueprints or other design graphics during staff meeting, it’s always the same. About six of the directors pop out of their seats and lean across the conference table, studying and questioning.

Mrs. Koch and I always catch each other’s attention from our seated position. Sometimes we shake our heads. Other times we roll our eyes. And once in a while, we just laugh.

We’ll get it all figured out by opening day.

That’s soon enough for us.

Voyage's second hill

Above is the second hill; the lower track is the return trip.

Let’s take a closer look.

Voyage's second hill

Tom tried to snap the very first photo of Hill #3 under construction.

Ever the gracious hostess, I sneaked behind him and took one first.

Voyage's third hill

And finally, we gawked at Tunnel #1 for a bit.

From this angle, the opening at the top (in the foreground) is where the train will fly out as it exits the tunnel.

See the opening to the right, more in the background?

Is there really enough room for the train to change directions (from down to up)?


Voyage tunnel

I don’t know…

Maybe I should ask Will for another glance at those blueprints.
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