By Paula @ Holiday World

Remember that coffee commercial, in which the college lad returns home for Christmas vacation early one morning, with only little sister awake to greet him?

To prove he’s put the tuition money to good use, said college student proceeds to brew a pot of coffee that’s so strong the aroma awakens his parents.

Holidog nearly did the same thing.

Now the java, of course, but all that emotional stuff. Holidog’s voyage continued this week. 

If you’ve followed his travels, you’ll know Holidog has been visiting all sorts of big cities.

But for Christmas, his heart and home found their way back to Santa Claus, Indiana.

Holidog's home

Don’t you just love what’s he’s done with the place? There’s a portrait of Safari Sam and Holidog on the wall, just next to a graphic of The Voyage. And that’s his TV next to the Christmas tree.

The prodigal pup enjoyed himself immensely, catching up with all our full-time staff.

But the visit was not strictly social; Holidog made sure to check in with Will.

We thought we heard a whimper from Will’s office and checked that all was okay.

Holidog in Will's office

Not sure who actually did the whimpering.

The odds are pretty even, though.

It’s budget time, after all.

Next, Holidog helped out Santa and Mrs. Koch with the last few Letters from Santa. It took dogged determination on the part of all of Santa’s Elves, but they got all the letters sent out.

Mrs. Koch

After that all-too-brief paws here at home, he embarked on the next leg of Holidog’s voyage: due south.

His next update should come to us from sunny Florida. Lucky dog!

Meanwhile, anyone else in the mood for a nice cup of coffee?
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