By Paula @ Holiday World

We haven’t forgotten about Gobbler Getaway, don’t worry.

Our dark ride is being created in sunny Florida.

Now remember, since this is a dark ride, there’s lots of black light used, so the colors look a bit extreme in natural light.

Gobbler Getaway

This is part of one of the scenes we’ll trot through as we search for the escaped turkeys.

Next, we show a portion of the “practice” area, where you can try out your turkey caller.

Autumn Falls sign

The storyteller who will explain how to play the interactive part of Gobbler Getaway is being created. Thought we’d give you the heads-up:

Storyteller head

She (oh, did I not mention the gender) … she will explain the background story to the riders. She will also encourage good behavior.

Abigail's head

There, that looks better.

And finally, a familiar looking fellow from a colorful fall field:


Mr. Scarecrow is also only partially complete. He has quite a profile.

Scarecrow profile

Construction of Gobbler Getaway’s station will begin soon. It will be located to the east of the area between The Voyage’s station and the lift hill.

Don’t let on that I mentioned this, but in just a few days the “countdown clock” takes us down into double digits.

But who’s counting?
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