By Paula @ Holiday World

Larry and Korey, two of the four Gravity Group engineers, took a nice long walk yesterday.

How kind of them to snap off a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s get started:

Voyage construction


This is the view you’ll see as you walk down the pathway into the new Thanksgiving section.

The crane is lifting numerous trusses into place for the roof of Voyage’s station.

Next, we see the grand finale of The Voyage. The station is somewhere there in the middle of all that curving track. And that’s the lift hill off in the distance.

And yes, you see it correctly: one last underground tunnel at the very end of the ride.

Voyage's grand finale

The next photo from The Gravity Group shows another view of the insane finish to the ride and the station’s vertical growth.

In the background, to the left, you can see our employee parking lot is the holding area for all sorts of building materials.

Voyage's grand finale

Now let’s take a look from up around Raging Rapids:

View of Voyage from Raging Rapids

And finally, our energetic engineers climbed the stairs of ZOOMbabwe in Splashin’ Safari for another view:

View of Voyage from ZOOMbabwe

Eegads, that first drop is steep.
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