By Paula @ Holiday World

Thanks to The Gravity Group, we have a few more photos from out in the Voyage woods from this week.

Let’s start with a look at the turnaround. To get there, we must traverse yet another underground tunnel.


Voyage construction

Korey got artistic with this one. The structure will be very close to the ground here.

Voyage construction

And here’s another view of the turnaround. It looks rather gloomy right now, but when the trees leaf up in the spring, just imagine how lovely it will be.

I guess, though, all we’ll see is a massive blur of green.

And that’s if you ride with your eyes open

Voyage construction

The third hill is nearly done.


Voyage construction

Heading back toward the station, there will be lots of speed and a few surprises left to the ride.

The roof on the station is coming right along.

Did you notice the track? Look in the lower left-hand corner.

That is track, isn’t it?

Voyage construction

After flying past the station, we’ll swing around back and into the final tunnel.

…and out again.

Voyage Construction

I spoke with Tom at PTC the other day. He promises to send photos of our three Voyage trains soon.

And John is getting ready to order the flags that will fly up above the top of the lift hill. Feel free to discuss among yourselves which three colors we might have chosen.

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One Response to “Back in the woods”

  1. Ashley Eldridge

    First roller coaster I ever rode! Best. Experience. Ever. Can’t wait to hopefully ride it this summer!