By Paula @ Holiday World

A while back, we gasped at the thought of so many future stars having appeared at Santa Claus Land many, many years ago.

By golly, it’s happened again.

We’re working with a publishing company in producing a pictorial history book of Santa Claus Land and Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari for this, our 60th season.

(Can you believe it? Our 60th Season!)

Our offices are awash in sentimentality.

And look at what we discovered in our archival photo files just this morning:

Mr. Sixty at Santa Claus Land

Could it be?

Is it really…?

Could that just-retired dancing guy from the-commercials-we-have-all-seen really have gotten his start here at our park?

Honestly, the photo is of the late Gene Smith, our tap-dancing magician.

His slogan was too good: “Feats of Hand and Feats of Feet.”

But in honor of our upcoming anniversary …

… let’s just call him Mr. Sixty.
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