By Paula @ Holiday World

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” sang out the joyous voice through my phone line.

“I took some more pictures — I’ll drop by your office later.”

These sweets from Craig may actually have the opposite effect of the usual Valentine’s Day fare.

Surely we’ll burn a few calories when viewing these photos.

Can’t you just feel your heart rate accelerating?

Voyage construction - first drop

Above is a POV shot (point of view) of The Voyage‘s first drop.

Sixty-six degrees.

Looks straight down, doesn’t it?

After we arrive at the bottom of the first drop, let’s turn around and see from whence we came.


Voyage construction


You can count the layers of the wooden track.

As long as we’re up on the structure, let’s take a glimpse over at the Gobbler Getaway building.

It’s going up quickly.

And it’s huge!

Gobbler Getaway construction

And now a look at our happy photographer.

Craig, our camera-carrying Cupid:


Craig on Voyage track during construction

It looks like he’s sitting on the 90-degree banked track. If it’s not that third 90, it’s mighty close.

Okay, Craig … enough lounging around.

We want a closer look at that perpendicular track.

Voyage 90-degree track

Enough eye candy — back to work!
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