By Paula @ Holiday World

Chad from The Gravity Group was here on Tuesday to check up on Voyage construction

But who knew?

After tromping about the construction site, catching up on the progress made over the past several weeks, Chad was so muddy he just headed back to Cincinnati.

“The mud was up to my knees, so I didn’t even come up to the office.”

Happily, Chad didn’t get any mud on his camera.

Voyage station

Here’s a look at the station on the left and the lift hill on the right. You may notice a bit of fish-eye distortion; some of the photos Chad took were in a panoramic setting.

And here’s another view of the station, also looking to the north.

Voyage station

Next, Chad heads to the far northern end of The Voyage, gathering mud all the way.

The turnaround is growing rapidly.

Voyage turnaround

Here’s a closer look:

Voyage turnaround

Voyage construction continues, no matter what the weather. We can’t wait to ride it!
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