By Paula @ Holiday World

Ha! I got to be the first one to say it! Construction is well underway as we move toward opening day in just two months.

Of course, I cheated by saying it a day early, but I guess that’s my prerogative.

First, we see the Pepsi Oasis building in our new Thanksgiving section.

Voyage Pepsi Oasis construction

And this smaller building next to the coaster station is the Voyage Photos & Gifts shop.

You can see the lift hill of The Voyage off in the distance

Voyage shop construction

The footprint for Gobbler Getaway is huge!

We’ll watch for some vertical growth very soon.

Gobbler Getaway construction

Work on The Voyage‘s station continues.

Voyage station construction

Thursday morning, the following notice came from Will via email:

” … the last bent for the Voyage was set within the past hour.

At this point, all bents have been erected.”

We’d do a company-wide dance of joy if we weren’t all so busy getting ready for the season.

Two months, after all.

And, lest we forget …

Construction continues in Splashin’ Safari, too, with our new Bahari River:

Bahari River construction

The water in Bahari River won’t be any deeper than at the Congo River. That means we’ll be in a deep canyon for this part of the ride.
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