By Paula @ Holiday World

Good grief, we had quite the “in like a lion” spring storm this afternoon. The “signs of spring” are impossible to miss this year.

A local radio station was counting down the end of a Tornado Warning with, “Two more minutes until the tornado gets here.”

Is that really necessary?

Happily, a bit of wind and a lot of rain were all we received.

When the rain was pounding on the rooftops, across the park’s two-way radios came Craig’s voice, “Would someone let us know when it’s about to start raining so we can come inside and not get wet?”

And I always thought Goofy worked for some other park …

Meanwhile, Rick is creating literally hundreds of new signs.

This Voyage sign is particularly pretty:

Voyage sign

It was like Christmas in my office today — the “proof galleys” for our pictorial history book arrived.

Any “old timers” out there remember the Educated Animals from our Santa Claus Land days?

Fire Chief Rabbit

When you see Will in the park this summer, ask him about them. Just don’t ask him to bring them back …
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