By Paula @ Holiday World

He’s on the road again, our Holidog.

You may remember he arrived in the mail just prior to Christmas and then whisked off to Florida for the colder months.

Now he’s heading west.

And apparently, he’s driving.

Holidog's license

A dog’s got to eat, right? So our little tourist made a point of chowing down at the very first KFC.

He wanted me to be sure to let everyone know he buried the bones out back.

Holidog at KFC


With a full belly and his blue suede hat, the hound dog was on the road again.

He’s off to Graceland!

Holidog at Graceland

Holidog isn’t the only staff member who gets to travel during the off-season.

A number of us have business travel, too.

Will just got back from D.C., several directors have been to Florida.

I went to Chicago and Allentown, Pennsylvania, to speak at coaster enthusiast conferences. (Note to self: Try to convince the enthusiasts to meet in warm-weather states next February.)

But no one travels as much as Holidog.

Last fall, he spent time exploring Seattle and sniffing out the best coffee shops.

Holidog in Seattle

Next, the little sew-and-sew visited the famous Space Needle.

Holidog at the Space Needle

Silly pup always keeps us in stitches.
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