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Could be …

Voyage's turnaround

Let’s step back into the double-wide tunnel for another look at Voyage’s turnaround.

Voyage's turnaround

This turnaround, of course, is where we will find the first two 90-degree banked curves.

Voyage's turnaround Voyage's turnaround

Chris, who’s our Director of Security & Entertainment (he knows, he knows!), couldn’t resist getting a closer look.

Voyage's turnaround

And at this point, the camera is placed directly on the track for a pure point-of-view photo:

Voyage track

Many thanks to our hardworking crews.

Voyage track

Have a lovely weekend and the rest of Saint Patrick’s Day (my husband said the florist greeted him with, “Thank goodness you came in! You’re the only one in town to give flowers on Saint Patrick’s Day and I’ve already made up your bouquet.” Not too many of Irish descent around here …)

We’ll spring some more photos on you next week.
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