By Paula @ Holiday World

Will, Steve, Mike, and Jeff weren’t the only fellows to ride The Voyage on Thursday.

Fred the test dummy rode, too.

In fact, he traveled all the way from Utah for the opportunity.

Fred the test dummy

Fred always hogs the back seat. He calls it his “office.”

(Please note we haven’t changed our Dress Code here at the park. Fred says this is his uniform and since we’re not open to the public yet, we’re letting it slide.)

On Thursday and Friday, Fred rode The Voyage, The Legend, and The Raven, measuring the forces of the ride.

Fred is one lucky test dummy

Fred the test dummy on Voyage's lift hill

Fred is a bit of an introvert.

I do think, though, that I heard a “whoo-hoo!” as he swooped through this final curve.


Fred finished his test ride

When I asked him about it later, he just stared off with that blank look of his.

Fred’s an okay guy.
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