“Wicked awesome!”

We were there on the 20th to walk for Juvenile Diabetes, first of all let me say how cool it was that Holiday World hosted this. Only Holiday World could be that generous!

We had an awesome time, and to know we raised money for such a good cause was icing on the cake. My six-year-old has a good friend from church with J.D. and we signed up in her honor. Our team name was “Jaylin’s Voyage for a Cure”! We thought it was clever.

Anyway, wanted to say thanks for everything and send you this picture of our six-year-old Sydney…who was JUST tall enough for the all the rides.

I was freaking out for her but she screamed, “That was wicked awesome!” after her first big coaster ride on the Legend. And let me add that the ride attendants all double-checked her height and made sure she was buckled up tight….which I was very impressed by and very thankful for!

Thanks again, you all are WICKED AWESOME!

Stacey H. and family

Already packed!

This will be our 6th year coming to Holiday World. It’s so funny that I am a grown woman and I am more excited than my 10-year-old daughter. Every year all the women in our family make our venture to your park. We stay at Lake Rudolph in their rental RVs.

I can’t thank you enough for providing a safe and fun place for our kids. We have no hesitation on letting our daughters go on a different ride or walk to the different slides. The free drinks and suntan lotion are an added attraction. We love the food.

Our daughter’s favorite store is the glass shop. We usually spend fifty dollars each year in there. We have so many figurines.

I could go on forever about your park. My mom use to bring me and my sister when it was still Santa Claus Land. We were excited when Pat approached us and talked to us. She was very friendly and talkative. My Mom was shocked to see her picking up trash. We were at Bahari and my Mom pointed me on the shoulder and said look even the owner takes pride in how the park looks.

We will be attending your park on June 8th and 9th. I am already packed. I am so excited!!!!!

Thanks again. One word AWESOME!!

Karen S.

Hard work and dedication commended

We visited on Memorial Day weekend and had a fantastic day. We made a two-and-a-half-hour drive and it was worth every minute of traveling time.

The Bahari River was such a nice surprise on a hot sunny day. Zinga and the Wave pool were perfect for my husband and me while our son and a friend (age 13), rode The Voyage over and over!!!

We had the opportunity to sit and observe your staff and couldn’t help but notice how attentive and dedicated they are. We saw a lady drop a piece of trash on the ground and it wasn’t even there for a whole minute before someone came by and picked it up!!!!!!

We even saw Mrs. Pat Koch walk through and lean over to pick up something from the ground!!!!! You should be commended for your hard work and dedication. The park is beautiful and it is an honor to have such a great place to visit here in Indiana!!!

I can remember visiting with my parents and my brother in the late ’60s. I have a picture of my brother and me sitting on a reindeer’s back and we have winter coats on!!!!!

What progress you have made throughout the years!!! Keep up the great work and thank you for a wonderful day that was long overdue for our family!!!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Yvonne B.
Terre Haute, Ind.

Our first visit

I just wanted to send this to let you know that my family and I visited your park for the first time this past Sunday (5/28/06).

We had a wonderful time!!!!

Your coasters are some of the best coasters that we have ever been on!!! The Voyage, in my opinion, is the best wooden coaster ever!!! I even rank it above The Beast in Kings Island!! The Liberty Launch was fantastic as well!!

There was something to do for everyone in our family! We had ages in our group from 4 years old to 60 and we all had a fantastic time!!!

The free drinks was a BIG PLUS!!! We thank you so much for offering that service! Your food prices were very reasonable and the food was terrific!! I just can’t believe that other theme parks that are twice your size cannot offer such a great deal!

Like I said before that this had been our first visit and as far as I am concerned it will not be the last!! Keep up everything that you are doing it is Fantastic!!! We really enjoyed the cleanness of the park! It was nice to be able to stand in line and not have smoke blowing in your face from a cigarette and not having to worry about someone spilling alcohol on my kids (which has happened at other parks).

I thank you for providing a very family oriented atmosphere! Oh and let me add in that the Nativity was really nice to see also!!

Once again thank you for a wonderful time from the shows to the rides!!

Sincerely yours,

Stephen J. and Family

P.S. My daughter said she hopes for your next roller coaster you could add a steel coaster with some loops, she just loves loops! HA HA!!

Appreciate employees’ work ethic

I was so excited to see your advertisements on Nashville, Tenn., television stations!

My husband grew up in Owensboro and we have been coming to your park over the past 10 years.

We currently live in Hohenwald, Tenn., about 75 miles south of Nashville but, even the two years we lived in Ocala, Florida, we drove all the way up to your place. We have been to at least 10 other amusement parks and by far yours is the friendliest and CLEANEST park we have ever been to.

The cost for the food inside the park is reasonable, free Pepsi products are also a BIG PLUS, as well as the free sunscreen in the water park.

I do not feel ripped off like I have felt in other parks when I use your lockers to change clothes for the water park and a really great thing is there is no extra charge for the tubes either! We have brought our dog several times and and we have not felt guilty about putting her in your air-conditioned kennel while we are on rides or in the water park.

This is a small town–just a tiny bit larger then your town and word-of-mouth goes a long way! Your town is fortunate to have a large employer of local families as industries are closing left and right in other small towns!

We really appreciate the work ethic your employees have as all your staff have always been helpful, courteous, considerate, and always seem to have a team spirit about their duties.

I tell everyone in my town about your park, even my insurance agent! I brought back some brochures to him and to co-workers last year and I know that he took his family last summer, too!

We cannot wait until we come in June to ride the new coaster!!!

Lynn M.
Hohenwald, Tenn.

Enjoyable trip

I live in Louisville and come to Holiday World with my family over the summer.

I just wanted to thank you for making it such an enjoyable trip. Although there is a amusement park less than 10 minutes from where I live, it does not compare.

The people at Holiday World are so friendly and you can’t beat the unlimited drinks.

The prices for food are so reasonable and the park is the cleanest I have ever seen. I appreciate all the employees at Holiday World and had to write to thank them.

It really does make a difference! Keep up the great work!!!!!!


Maranda H.
Louisville, Ky.


Who’s calling?

Why it’s GMA!

The Gospel Music Association?

Grocery Manufacturers Association?

Could it be…the Gulf of Maine Aquarium?

Heck no!

Good Morning America is producing a feature for Friday about the “biggest, baddest” new coasters.


Okay…why not?

We can be bad.

We can be very, very bad.

Fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

My name is Barb S. and I have a 14-year-old son who is diabetic. He has been diabetic since he was four. There have been many ups and downs, but we learn to deal with what God has handed us. I’ve always known how serious it is, but two years ago he almost died. That is the scariest thing I have ever gone through. I don’t want me or any other parent to have to go through that again.

We have to find a cure.

I just wanted to thank you for hosting the walk Saturday. We had a great time!

Well, we always have a great time at Holiday World. Hopefully you will have us back next year. Again, we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful day. Someday all of our fund-raising efforts will pay off.

God bless you.

Thank you,
Ryan’s Team

C is for Coaster … and Cute

Heard from a pal in Massachusetts this morning.

He had a cute story about his seven-year-old daughter, Ella:

She's in speech therapy (some issues with S, Th, and R sounds). Yesterday the therapist was doing a series of R words. After a bunch of relatively mundane ones, Ella piped up, very enthusiastically, with "RAVEN!" and talked about how she's tall enough to ride it now.

Golly, Dad, what better incentive to keep Ella working on letters than to bring her to a Theme park in Santa Claus to ride The Raven?

Theoretically, sounds reasonable, don't you think?

Grateful for Gatorade

My son’s 8th grade class came to Holiday World on 5-19-06. Normally the 8th grade go to Six Flags, but due to money and gas prices and the water park being open, they wanted to go to HW.

It was the best trip ever!!! I have always had trouble at amusement parks. I come home with severe headache & sunburn. Not this time. My son’s friend stopped at every free drink stand and I drank Gatorade. I had used sunscreen before we went in. I got more when the kids went to water park. I know these two things saved me. When his youth group went to Six Flags, it was $3.00 for a Gatorade. I waited until I was absolutely sick before I bought one. It was so nice to just walk in and get Gatorade. Thank you so much for that. Just that made my day better.

This was the cleanest park we have ever been to. I am so glad HW is located in our area and accessible to us. I breastfeed my youngest and I also took notice of the breastfeeding station.

We were very happy. The class was very happy. I can’t wait to come back with my husband and our five kids. I used to go to Santa Claus Land when I was little and it just brings back so many memories.

Thanks so much for providing a great park.

Pam S.
West Salem, Ill.