By Paula @ Holiday World

… is to be really rotten once in a while.

Yesterday evening, my son James and I headed down to The Voyage. I had to check on a few things in preparation for media coverage on Opening Day.

Then I saw it.

That sign.

The “Are You Tall Enough To Ride?” sign.

Now James has always assumed that he’s tall enough to ride The Voyage. After all, he was tall enough last summer to conquer The Raven and The Legend. But we’d never really talked about the height limit for The Voyage.

Until we saw the sign.

“James! There’s the height sign for The Voyage… Quick! You’d better make sure you’re tall enough!”

He dashed over…

James is tall enough


Truth be told, the height limit is 48 inches (with shoes on), the same as The Raven and The Legend.

So the poor lad needn’t have been concerned.

Suddenly I’m awash in guilt.

But I’ll treasure this photo forever.

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