By Paula @ Holiday World

Look what just popped in my Inbox:

I grew up in Southern California with Disneyland at my back door (I even worked there for 10 years). I used to draw coasters, ride coasters and dream coasters. But it all slowly faded away into the past as I grew well into adulthood.

Over the course of a few decades I traveled here and there visiting some parks, riding some incredible rides but never, ever, ever in my 42 years of life have I been so excited about a new roller coaster … until now.

The two (very brave) ladies in your onride video had me squealing right along with them (yes, I'll admit I'm a grown man).

I have not laughed so hard in a long time.

Speaking of videos, the first three drops look like smooth sailing but after that tunnel it's seems as if the Voyage is manned by a drunken sailor the way it tips left and right! The coaster designers have done an incredible job and you should be proud to have the greatest roller coaster in the universe (and I've yet to ride it!).

I hope to one day head on out from my new home (in much closer) Oklahoma City and take a trip on The Voyage.


Michael F.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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