By Paula @ Holiday World

Oh, dear.

The emails are flooding my Inbox.

Those who've never been to Holiday World, but want to remedy that this summer, aren't exactly familiar with the size of our "city."

The town of Santa Claus has a population of about 2,200 (including the Elves).

We can direct you to an airport in Louisville, Evansville or Owensboro, but unless you're able to rent a car, plan on a long walk to the park.

When I explain to these folks that there isn't a bus, subway, taxi or sleigh service available, I usually get another email. THIS SECOND TIME THEY EMAIL IN ALL CAPS, IN CASE I JUST DIDN'T HEAR CORRECTLY THAT FIRST TIME.

It's exciting, though, to watch how word of The Voyage is spreading far and wide. I've received links to articles in Australia, the UK, and some bona fide cities such as New York, L.A. and Chicago.

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